FAC-SEO a new SEO company would like to introduce our selfs to you. We supply services such as pay per click advertisement, this can be through Google Adscene or Yahoo and Bing Adscene. Website optimization is achieved through Keyword Analysis, what are your potential customers searching for in the major search engines? and is your website optimised for these searches? Link building, not only do you need to have a site that functions within itself when links and buttons are pressed but you need to have out bound links to other sites. More importantly you have to have back links from other websites which are relevant to your content, the more links you have to your site from outside sites the more a search engine will trust your website and believe your site to be what it says it is. After you have optimized your website with these Three key elements you will start to move up through the rankings and eventually attain a page one result on the major search engines.

We will conduct FREE SEO analysis on your web site and email the report to you so you can get an idea of what is required to make your web site a page one contender. As mentioned above we are a small start up company who already have a lot of clients wanting to procure our services and we were pushed along by the tide of our own success when starting our Search Engine Optimization consultancy business and quitting our day jobs working for other larger organisations.

This is our first blog and yes, you have guest it, it is for the purpose of advertising our services and back linking to our website. We are like most people reading this blog, we are blogging to build links to gain a first page result on the main search engine’s such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Thank you for reading this blog and we hope to hear from you soon.