Social bookmarking can be an extremely effective search engine optimization tool. This article will focus on how bookmarking can contribute to a web site promotion in search engines, as well as touch upon issues related to automation of bookmarking submission.

First, let’s answer a simple question: what is social bookmarking? At first, bookmarking web sites appeared as services for the Internet users who can register and start posting links to their favorite web sites, articles, web pages, posts at various blogs, music and videos, YouTube links etc.

But as the time went on, it turned out that submission of bookmarks to bookmarking websites did not only attract visitors (and thus increased revenue), but also improved website’s position in search engines due to back link building.

Yes, a bookmark published at a social bookmarking website is considered a one way relevant dofollow backlink. Logically, the more backlinks a web site has, the better its position in Google (or any other search engine) might be.

Very soon it became understood that manual submission of bookmarks is quite ineffective. The number of bookmarking websites is constantly growing. If it is not a problem to manually submit three links to five bookmarking websites, what would you do if these will be two digit figures? There are hundreds of social bookmarking websites which can be used for SEO purposes.

That’s why automatic social bookmarkers appeared in the market. These utilities automate bookmark submission process. The user is only required to type the link and share login and password details for the program to excess various accounts at different bookmarking websites.

That should be mentioned that there is free and paid software. Experienced online marketers should probably use paid software with advanced features, while amateur webmasters can make their first steps in social bookmarking SEO by using freeware.

Do not forget that most bookmarking websites have anti spamming detectors. That’s why make sure your submission process looks natural. Do not submit 100 bookmarks at a time.

Today online business has gained much in its popularity. But to earn good money having a website is not enough – you need it on top positions for specific keywords in search engines to get traffic. One of the ways to promote a web site is social bookmarking service. Actually even here one can find several options how to do that. It is possible to hire someone to do that or to make use of social bookmarking tool to do that automatically. In spite of the option you will choose, it is advised to go to this social bookmarking script site – there you will find lots of related info.

And keep in mind that you can find many other ways to push your site in the Internet network, don’t lose this unique chance to get solutions to your to issues.