During the creation of your website or blog you will usually have to choose when creating the URL, Title, and Headings whether you want to attempt and brand your presence into something memorable or try and rank well in search engines through keyword placement. Before you begin work on your presence you will first need to find a resource that will allow you to create a free presence. Some of the more common choices include blogger.com and wordpress.com. These are great for those looking to experiment with creating a place where they can express themselves as well as make money online. As you create a presence the URL is where you can begin branding and optimizing your presence for search engines.

The URL that you create will need to be something which can be remembered and has the top keywords in your niche. There are different ways which you can place both a brandable term and one with keywords in your URL. One good example of this would be if your name is Jack and you want to create an online business presence. You could mesh the terms into something both brandable and with the keywords which you would like to rank well for. A couple URLs that would work well would be learn-online-business-from-jack.com, jacks-online-business-tips.com, or jacks-online-business-blog.com. With the URL you will need to place your name and the term within. You of course do not need your name to make the presence brandable. Think of a name that people will remember and explains what your website is about.

The next important thing when trying to brand and optimize a website is the meta title. This title will be the one displayed when your website is indexed within the search engines. Visitors will search for your website and when they see this title decide whether or not it is what they are looking for. Be careful with this title it is too often taken for granted. If you want truly targeted traffic then this title will need to describe your website rather than have keywords. Even the brand is not nearly as important as having an accurate title.

Once you have chosen the correct title for your website it is time to work on the headings. These need to be focused on your brand, description of your website, and have keywords you would like to rank well for. Do not choose headings that you think will make your website rank higher if they do not accurately describe your website. Headings are extremely important when it comes to Google ranking and you must be creative if you would like to place keywords and make the headings accurately describe your website. If you need more than one heading feel free to add multiple headings on your site just be sure to add content below the headings. One great thing about blogging is you don’t always have to worry about the headings on your index because if you want to rank well for any given term you can write a post about it.

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