Test to see if your site validates

Your search results listings can suffer on Google if your internet site is formed with broken or out dated code, you will want to visit the WSC Validation web site to confirm if your web site validates with Smil, MathML, XHTML and HTML. With any luck you do meet the standards required, but the W3C site will present you a packed explanation with what’s in the wrong if it does not validate. In some cases your web page might appear flawlessly accessable, however still not qualify the W3C validation, Google could maybe believe your web page to be a hazard concerning whether or not the site is viewable by the bulk of the people browsing.

Do you think you’re search engine friendly?

You may need to make sure that every one of the pages in your internet site include search engine friendly urls, for this you need short search term targeted urls. For example, a poor url could be something like: mysite.com/id234/category64/55gt67k/article237, a seo friendly url would be a bit more like: mysite.com/myservice. Not only will this formulate it easier for the end user to understand, it makes it easier for Google to process your web pages into the right locations of the search listing.

You need good quality written content

Google wants to find good quality original written content, the more you have the more Google is going to assume that you are relevant and a helpful supplier of information. Your home page could likely be the first page in your internet site that Google visits, if it can’t obtain and understand any written text, how is it going to understand what your internet site is about? So sadly flash intros along with landing web pages are a very awful idea in your web site.

You need to improve website loading times

Terrible loading period might be one more cause as to why your site isn’t doing so well with Google, this again is because bad accessibility means bad rankings. If your experiencing lengthy loading times, you might first require to be sure you have a appropriate internet hosting package. Now you might have to optimise all the graphics in the website to be of a web quality, lessen the amount of scripts that are loaded, and reduce in needless CSS.

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