Search engine optimization is one of the most difficult parts of being a webmaster. There are some out there who have the income to purchase traffic, but for the rest of us we must rely on SEO for search engine ranking and social marketing. First the only time you need to optimize a website and build links is if you are planning to earn money online free from your website. For those out there who are recreational webmasters that create web pages and site just for fun the work will probably not interest you nearly as much as those who are in desperate need for free internet marketing.

SEO actually starts before you begin creating a website or blog. You should know exactly what keywords you are planning to rank well for and the amount of links and marketing you will need for first page ranking. The best way to pick keywords is going to Google Adwords Keyword Tool which you can find by doing a quick search. Next enter the keywords you think people would type into Google to find your website. This tool will bring up the keywords you enter and 99 related keywords with the monthly search volume. When this list comes up you should go through and pick around ten keywords that have a decent amount of traffic (over a thousand monthly searches) and are related to your topic.

Now you have the list of keywords it is time to construct your website or blog. If you need some free space go to,, or All of these resources will allow you to create a free web presence which you can optimize in the search engines and start making money. The keyword implementation is key. You will need to place keywords in your URL, title, description, headings, and content. This is one reason you should have multiple keywords so you can use all ten of them throughout your blog or website. Do not repeat the same keyword over and over if you are trying to rank well for the term “make money online” then use make money online, but rather than repeating it you can use spin offs such as “earn money online” or “make money free”.

After the construction of your website or blog the next part of seo will be link building. This is where diversifying your keywords is crucial. If you only build links towards one keyword Google and the other major search engines will quickly see this and drop you low in the SERPs or ban you. There are many resources out on the web that will allow you to create keyword anchored text links. One of the best includes Once you have submitted to the directories on this site you can move onto and article directories.

Your traffic will increase the more you work on link building and content creation. If you would like to monetize that traffic you should check out this paid to read email website.