Explaining the Article Twin (article marketing automation) rating system.

It took a while to finally learn how exactly the Article Twin rating system works, but I think did it. You know now, that you can rate each article that you receive from copywriters, but rating has an influence on several characteristics, so using it should be quite thoughtful.

When you rate fresh content (an article), you both provide a characteristics to its author (Preferred, Neutral or Blacklisted) and influence his maximum price level for 1K of the symbols he creates, meaning that the more clients prefer one particular copywriter (well, you can not really see which one exactly, as in a try to evenly spread the chance to get some work, Article Twin does not show copywriters’ details, just their prices.), the more he would be able to charge for his future work. Neutral status simply leaves all characteristics unchanged and is reasonable to use not only when you are not sure, which category to put this particular Author to, but when working with “Preferred” copywriters. In this way you would not unnecessarily increase their upper margin of their service price.

Copywriters, on the other hand, may apply a personal discount to their maximum price per 1K of symbols to attract clients, so there should be no worries about hyper-preferring copywriters. Very expensive copywriters simply would not get enough clients. So, for example, if the maximum price that some author may get per 1K of symbols is $9, he can voluntarily apply a discount of up to 99%, so that he could get into a cheaper pricing category, to get more exposure to the clients that, actually, search copywriters based on their price per 1K of symbols value, for their particular article marketing budget.

Blacklisting permanently bounces an article author from any of the lists to the General list (with unrated authors), where he gain, has an equal chance with other yet unrated authors to possibly be chosen by you again (if you would include an option for to receive articles from all copywriters).

My approach to working with Article Twin more effectively is quite simple – I use only one category of the copywriters within one price range per order. First, I choose “Articles from all copywriters”, for the price range of $0.05 – $ 0.50 for 20-30 article variants. Then, I rate the received articles, short listing the ones I like by choosing Prefer rating. Accordingly, I check “Neutral” if the article is more or less acceptable and blacklist completely unacceptable ones.

I shall carry on doing so for 5-10 other article orders, to create a bigger list of “Preferred” copywriters. Then, I switch to “Articles from my preferred copywriters only” filter, and use an increased price range, $0.50 – $1.00. This would mean, that those authors that I have in my “Preferred” list may have their price increased due to the preferences, chosen by the other SEO clients, which ensures such authors quality and professionalism in writing.

Next steps are just shifting the price range to the level that that you find acceptable in terms of your budget, thus, short listing the “crème de la crème”, so that in the end you would have a list of the most reliable and high quality content writers. Of course, they would not be the only top quality writers available through the system, so if you need more or them or just cheaper ones, you may always go for the same routine again and again to either add more copywriters to your “top 20” or just choose a different pricing level, to explore new cost / quality opportunities. Good luck with your article marketing automation at ArticleTwin.com!