When you create your website you should be thinking of what you want to be ranked well for. If you rank well in Google then you should be able to earn money online free. The problem is if you don’t from the very beginning work on ranking well then it will be much more difficult as your website or blog develops. There are plenty of things you can do from the beginning to make sure your website will rank well for the terms you want to rank well for, but you must know what terms you want to rank well for. Personally I use the Google Adwords keyword tool which you can find by searching Google. Type in a term that you think fits your website well and this tool will bring up the monthly traffic for that term. This tool will also bring up around a hundred related terms and the traffic they bring in monthly.

Once you have an idea of the search terms and the traffic it is time to begin constructing the website. First you need to take the highest searched term and put it in your title. There are actually two titles you need to worry about the first is the meta title which will only be seen by search engines and displayed within search indexes. The second title is what you have in h1 tags at the top of your website. In my personal experience the best way to go about placing the term within the titles is adding it with other words. For example I want my paid to read email website to rank well for the term “paid to read email”, but rather than putting only “paid to read email” in both the titles I put “how to get paid to read email” in the meta title and “get paid to read email” in h1 tags at the top of the page.

Your index page should not be the only one optimized when creating a website. You should also focus on the sub pages in your website. One big mistake that webmasters make is not using the sub pages correctly. These should be created as landing pages meaning when a visitor comes to your sub page from a major search engine they should be able to navigate around. If you want to optimize your sub pages then make sure to fill out the meta titles and meta descriptions. The more sub pages you have optimized the more places you will be able to rank well in the search engines. One thing that I like to do is after searching Google Adwords keyword tool take some of the keywords getting less traffic and place them in your sub pages title, description, and within the content.

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