During the creation of your website you should already know exactly what you would like to rank well for. There are many who will tell you to go after long tailed keywords because they are easier, but from my personal experience if you want to really earn money online the big generic keywords are by far the best. These are much more difficult to rank well for, but the reward is so much greater when you hit the top ten. The reason long tailed keywords are so easy to rank for is the search volume usually will not be worth the work. I found this out quickly with my website get paid to read email. There is only a couple thousand monthly searches which means at the very most I will make around a hundred or so dollars monthly if I reach the top ten. This amount is fine for a small income, but will not help when it comes to working at home full time. If you want to earn real money online then target keywords with over 50k monthly search volume then learn exactly how websites are ranked within Google.

The first thing you will need to do is decide which keywords you are going to rank for. When trying to decide on the keywords you are going to optimize your website for go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can quickly find this tool by going to Google and searching for the term “keyword tool”. Type in a few keywords you think people would search for when looking for your website. This tool will bring up the monthly search volume of the term you search for and bring up 99 other terms closely resembling the term you inputted. Pick the five top terms which relate to your website and place them in the titles, headings, and within content. This will let Google know your website is about these and Google will index your website or blog accordingly.

After creating the optimized website the next step will be consistently creating keyword rich content and building links with the term between the anchor tags. These two things will be what determines your placement within the serps. Content should be your primary focus when it comes to keeping hold of a top spot within the search engines. If you create a truly authoritative article it will be linked to and continued being linked to for years. You should also learn how to create links for your website without needing amazing content. There are many different places across the web which will allow you to build keyword anchored links to your website. The first place you can go for thousands of free one way keyword text links includes directorycritic.com. After submitting to these directories you can start submitting articles to article directories and placing links in the authors resource. This will help you gain exposure as an expert in your niche and rise within the search engines.

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