The title is somewhat vague and perhaps misleading, but during my internet marketing career I could not believe the importance of keywords when producing content whether it was with an article directory or video. If you choose the right keywords then the piece of content can become an overnight success as your content shows up next to thousands of similar pieces. Now this is only if you know what titles will lead to successful similar links. You should first have a good idea of where to produce content this will be the greatest asset. Another important part of gaining links from pure keywords is creating a lot of content since the majority of content you create will probably flop.

To start we should look at the basics of internet marketing getting down to the pure essentials. First and foremost you should have a web presence from which all internet marketing progress is directed. When your article or video becomes higher and higher PR it should have a link back towards your main money making website. This is how you will make money online by creating content marketing the content correctly and gaining PR 3 + backlinks from the content. Content of course covers a lot of different online platforms. First and most importantly there is article marketing something that should be a foundation of your internet marketing campaign. Write articles about your niche this should be done very frequently at the very minimum a couple articles weekly. Another form of content which is quickly becoming as important as articles is video. There are many on you tube making as much as any blogger or webmaster through pure video creation. The problem is with you tube traffic that I have found is they do not want educational or informative content they want funny, strange, scary, and entertaining content. Still the videos I produce are about online business/marketing and have gained marginal success. There is also pictures and audio, but these two hold much less potential for gaining links.

Now with the linking of content you should understand how the article directories and video directories work. When you publish your article you will be prompted to put in keywords and/or tags. These are what will bring your article up in a search and how the article directory will place your article in the similar article section when a visitor is reading an article closely related to yours. If you write an article and use abstract keywords for the title the article probably will not be matched with any in the directory and the possibility for gaining high quality backlinks from other articles will be low. Now on the other hand if you write an article and use a title that will be quickly and easily associated with other articles then you will be placed in many different similar article sections and gain high quality backlinks quickly and easily. For example if you write an article about online business and title the article “online business basics” or “how to make money online” then it will be easily matched with other articles and it will gain page rank and SERPs position quickly. Now you should always be on the lookout for high ranking article directories that have similar articles. The most prominent article directory with this feature is Ezine Articles they have a most published, recently published, and most viewed all having do follow links to the article. This is how both on article directories and video directories such as you tube you will be able to gain links by simply placing the article or video within the directory.

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