If you are interested in free internet marketing then creating link bait should be one of your main concerns. The definition of link bait is some type of content whether text, picture, video, software, or website which is useful enough to build backlinks just from the webmasters and/or bloggers visiting the website. What this means is if you create a piece of content making it exceptionally useful to others when a webmaster or blogger comes to your online business and sees the content you created they will want to put a link to it from their online presence. This means that you will rank well in Google and the other major search engines without having to do anything to improve your ranking. There are several ways to create link bait and you should always focus on content rather than marketing, but link bait is not always easily created and will take some time and practice.

The first step when trying to create link bait is creating a presence where you can put your content that you think will be linked to by other webmasters within your niche. If you are new to the online business game then setting up a free blog at blogger or wordpress will probably be the most beneficial. Start by creating text content then you can move into the video and picture world. Take time to visit the forums and other blogs within your niche so you can begin learning where the discussion is. Try to answer questions within your niche that have not been answered by writing articles. You can also create lists of resources. Top ten lists for some reason seem to build links like crazy. The point is you need to create content on your blog or website that is truly helpful and will be beneficial to other webmasters if they linked to it. Do not write a bland overdone article and expect thousands of links. There are far too many websites and blogs to get away with content that is not original and/or unique.

The most common way of creating link bait is not actually the creation of content, but rather becoming the authority within a niche. If you are an expert and the rest of the niche knows you are an expert then you can expect many links because people will have an automatic trust. A good example of this is Darren in the blogging niche and John Chow in the make money online niche. Both of these guys have been blogging about their niches for a long time so when they write a post it is automatically linked to by the lesser websites in the niche. To become an expert you need to have your content read so expect to market your website just like anyone else for the first year. Write content on a regular basis and make sure to read any and all related information regarding changes within your niche.