On-Page SEO has to be understood before you can go and turn your new-found knowledge into cold, hard cash.

To make this term a little easier to understand imagine a finely-tuned engine that has several components to perform at its best. Same principles to apply On-Page SEO. You need to put that into action. When you’re done reading this part 1 you will be able to learn or gained the understanding of what needs to do.

Title Tags

The first thing you need to do is include your target keyword in the title tag of your site. I suggest you use the keyword in a sensible form and maybe even consider using a long tail keyword to match. That way you will get more traffic. The best option of course is to incorporate your main keyword into a long tail keyword that gets actual searches. You could locate this with GAKT. Several webmasters use keyword with their title tags which could repel customers. Make it user friendly and you cannot lose, as long the keyword is in your tag. This little tip alone can increase your search click conversions by 100% or more.

Page Headings

Secondly, you need to use keywords in your website’s page headings. By means of using tags you could raise the keyword relevancy of the page.

But you also need to use WordPress to make sure your theme has these heading properly coded.

These themes don’t and when that happens you will lose a substantial amount of traffic. When you are in doubt, use could use SEO plugin to assist you rectify and issues.

If you worry about keyword density here, don’t. It’s more important to use the keyword in these tags and if possible incorporate long tails and keyword variations to help build your site’s authority.

Keywords in Content

Whenever you write content for your site be sure to use the keyword in the title, in the first sentence of the first paragraph, several times throughout the text and in the last sentence of the last paragraph. If you do this consistently, besides adding title and page tags you will see incredible results.

One more strategy is you need to apply the following; whenever you write content do this every per article.

Bold, Italicize and Underline Your Keyword

This will strengthen the authority of your site because when you mark keywords like this they will stand out to the bots who crawl your site. But PLEASE, don’t do this excessively or you will get banned. Once each on every page is enough.

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