If you are trying to make a living online as an affiliate or if you own your site, then I’m sure that you’re well aware of how hard it may be to create traffic to your site. Well, it’s not too difficult any more!!! Through years of development, the process of obtaining website traffic is a bit complex but once you understand one key concept, the rest comes naturally. This concept is the spider web effect.

The spider web effect only makes sense. With any given spider web, you will notice quite a few strands linking together to create a strong net to catch bugs. The point on the spider web that has the most strands linking to it will be the point of the web that catches the most bugs. Well, this is kind of how the internet works. Think of each blog as a point in the spider web that is the “world wide web”. Now think of each link as a strand in that web. The site that has the most strands linking to it will catch the most bugs. This is because linking is how major search engine like Google or Yahoo decide how crucial your online business is when it comes to search results for any keyword.

Building Links is Key

Now that we know how crucial it is to have links that point from other websites to yours, lets talk about how you can go about getting those links. There are a couple methods however, for this article, you are going to focus on only 1. This method is called article marketing. As you will notice at the bottom of this article, you will see 3 links. All 3 links will point to www.WealthCreationsNetwork.com! I am the senior marketing adviser for Wealth Creations Network and I need them to get as much traffic as possible. The links at the bottom of this article will allow that to happen.

With that said, the first thing that you will want to do when it comes to obtaining links to your blog is write an article about your niche that is between 450 and 1200 words. Make sure that your article provides useful information. No one wants to read an article that has nothing to give! Once you have written your article, you need to start submitting it to as many blogs and article directories as possible. A few of them are Hub Pages, Self Growth, Ezine Articles, and Free Traffic System. If you would like detailed training on submitting articles to gain traffic, join www.WealthCreationsNetwork.com. I will be happy to personally train you on how to become a successful internet marketer every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm PST.

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