The quantity and quality of the incoming links to a website or web page determines the authority and trust that search engines allocate to that website or web page. It is therefore very important to build high quality links to your site on a continuous basis. When you build new links to your website you should determine the value of the new link beforehand.

Search engines allocate value to website links based on specific factors. In this article we will be taking a closer look at some of these factors. High quality links are essential to a website in order to gain attention and traffic from the search engines.

Incoming Link Factors to Monitor

Website Popularity
Links from sites that have achieved global popularity and authority are valued highly by the search engines. If you want to gain trust and authority for your website it is very important that you build links to your site from some of these highly popular and trusted websites.

Anchor Text
The anchor text that is used in a link is used by the search engines to determine relevancy. If variations of words associated with a specific topic are used in the majority of incoming links, the web page will rank high for that topic and words. Make use of a selection of words that describes your main topic instead of using the same text all the time. Search engines look for normal or organic link building and will discount a high number of links that contain the exact same anchor text.

Topic Related Websites
Incoming links that are build from websites with topics that are relevant to your website topic have more value. The search engines allocate higher value to topic related incoming links from trusted sites. Search for websites within your field or community when you build new incoming links to your website in order to maximize link value.

No Spam
Be very careful when you link to websites or when you build incoming links from websites. Links from or to websites that have been identified as sites that spam will impact negatively on your link popularity and value. The same principle applies for websites in bad neighborhoods or with links to sites in bad neighborhoods. Link farms, adult sites and gaming websites fall within this group.

Building Trust
When you research sites to build incoming links from it is very important to determine the trust rank of the websites. Some studies estimate that as much as 60% of web pages on the Web are spam. The only way that you can improve the trust rank of your website is by building incoming links from trusted websites. The search engine algorithms allocate trust to websites with links from other trusted websites.

SEO link building is an ongoing process that takes time before visible results are achieved. The importance of building quality incoming links can not be overestimated. Your website will achieve higher rankings on the search engine result pages if you have high quality links pointing to your website.

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