“SEO Optimization Tips For Winner”

I can´t tell you how excited I am about SEO Optimization Tips, and you´ll find some hot and spicy strategies to rank better on the search engines, increase your traffic, and accomplish better results. Although, it´s impossible to discuss every single strategy in just one single post, because there´s so much useful and valuable information and tactics out there, that it would take us hours, days, weeks if not even months and years to know most of the stuff out there.

So, why do some people rank on the first spot of Google, while others rank on page 57 after the same period of time and with the same keyword? There´s something behind this “magic”, and trust me, GREAT rankings are never going to happen over night, it takes self-discipline, consistency and permanent improvements in your SEO tactics..

SEO Optimization Tips 1)

Focus on the right kind of keywords, so what is meant by “the right kind”? Basically, put yourself in the position of the person who wants to buy your products, services or others, and try to imagine what those people might search for. You can learn this skill, and once you control it, this specific skill becomes a habit and from now on you´ll automatically think about others. To be honest with you, this is one of the most powerful skills you can acquire in the SEO industry, and it´s VIRTUALLY priceless.

Don´t forget that everything start with picking keywords, with deciding for with keyword you want to go and optimize for, and by being in the position to understand SEO this will make fun! SEO is by far one of the most profitable marketing skills on the internet, and it can make you tons of money.. For now, I´d suggest you train this process on a consistent basis, and try to think about what you´d search for too.

SEO Optimization Tips 2)

When you have a roughly idea on what others are typing in Google, now it´s time to select keywords which get decent traffic, something like 500-2000 searches per month, and have a clear increase in traffic over the month. You want to pick a keyword that is raising in traffic, not declining.

The next step is to search in Google about many different factors such as: Google search, Google exact phrase count, competition and more. Look if somebody on the first pages already optimized for you keyword in the domain (example: seooptimizationtips.com).

You want to make sure that you can use your entire keyword like seooptimizationtips.com. You always want to go with your entire keyword tail .com, if .com is not available you want to go with .net and .org. Now comes the tricky part: If all of them are taking you can select something like: seooptimizationtipsnow.com (just be creative and pick initial words that trigger peoples hot buttons). You can also go with seo-optimization-tips.com etc..

It´s all about your creative, it´s about how you creative can get with figuring out what makes people hot. Always pick the kind of keywords that are very likely searched by people who are looking for your products and services..

Hope that these SEO Optimization Tips were helpful for you, and also that you´ll use this knowledge from now on.

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