I do not favor the practice of buying links in order to increase Google PageRank. Links should be purchased only for the purposes of advertising and at all times be attributed with nofollow. These are the words of professional SEO who is well versed in a variety of methods of compounding the reference mass. You should be aware that the promotion of the site is based not only on the links purchase. However, now you can see a huge amount of purchase options on the ordinary-looking websites and hence being the reality of the contemporary Internet. What is so particular about these links? I decided to assess the value of purchasing options for optimization. Experiments were carried out on several of my sites.

Do not buy links at the obviously “non human” sites. There are plenty of sites that sell links, but the filters / banks ban the most obvious. First, you have to look at the theme options. If this is casino, drugs, or just not the desirable thematic links, get out from such areas, despite the appealing PR. Here we can not make an investment in the first counter-site, since after the ban, your site will be in the red, and the level of trust can significantly be damaged.

Tend to choose relevant sites. Resist the temptation. The Internet has many sites for links, but there is no need to overdo it. The PR indicator loves the links from pertinent sites, that is of the similar topic. You should always stick to this method, and then achieve success. There is no need for the “World of Warcraft” site to provide a link with a diet advice, or other non-thematic query. Remember, that if it does not make sense for people, then it does not make sense to the search engine.

Follow the mixing rule. Blogroll links still have worth to the search engines. A mixture of “Friends of our Site” reference is a natural method, which is also loved by Google. Remember that the more natural is the link, the better for you. Negotiate with webmasters and your progress will be meaningful.

Do not offer to “buy” link. Some reputable sites are offended when they are accessed with the offer to purchase links. Believe us, they already have the essential authority and power and this doesn’t have to do anything with money. You can act as a sponsor to support the project, and inquire them to place a link in the correct place for you. Such practices usually work. Do not forget, we act as the spammers, but merely in a neat form)). The world of purchased links is still alive and well, we have to optimize their projects wisely and professionally by investing money in exile. Fortunately or not, but it is a reality of the modern Internet. Let’s see what will happen in the future.

No wonder that link building is a kind of business activities. Nowadays the online network is not only a source of data and entertainment, but also a place where money is earned. In this connection link building packages have become of great demand.

This, it its turn, caused appearance of different commercial and free of charge tools for building links. The opportunities provided to us by the Web are great, we shouldn’t lose them. There are so many ways to build backlinks. Visit various social networks and blogs, review topics and blogs which are relevant to yours, and write comments there with your links. Go to the niche forums and participate in the online discussions, and put links to your site from there. All this will help you to create a bulk of links.

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