Social Bookmarking services are not only used for search engine optimization purposes. Initially, such web sites appeared as convenient services for ordinary Internet users who wanted to share links to favorite web sites with other Internet users. But in course of time, it appeared the social bookmarking can be very helpful in various industries, business areas, Internet services etc.

Recently social bookmarking have become very popular in education. These days Internet Technologies are used everywhere, including colleges, high schools and universities. Students are given assignments to be electronically submitted. Online media are used to prepare college papers, essays, researches etc. Social bookmarking has become an effective way of communication between professors and students.

In order to explain how social bookmarking works in education it is necessary to say a few words about bookmarking itself. So, bookmarking services are websites that allow users publish and share links to various Internet resources: web pages, web sites, articles, blog posts, music and video files, online videos etc.

Now let’s imagine such a situation. A professor assigns students with writing of a research paper on a certain topic. Instead of writing a list of works to be sited on a blackboard, he or she shares links posted at his/her bookmarking account. Thus, all a student needs to do is to visit a certain bookmarking website and click on links to get access to various sources of information and scientific resources.

A professor may even create a personal web page where assignments and requirements are regularly updated. Besides, students may share interesting web sites and articles they manage to find on the research paper topic by posting them to their bookmarking account. This is absolutely free and so much convenient!

Besides, professors, teachers and instructors may use social bookmarking websites to see what information other teachers use in the studying process. It is very easy to find relevant bookmarks as most of them are tagged with keywords and have description.

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