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Creating Free Web Traffic From Search Engines

In the online business world there are two ways which you can build free web traffic. The first way is through using all the social websites across the web and the second is ranking well in search engines. Both of these have pluses, but I find if you are needing targeted traffic from the web to your online business then the best option is using search engines. If you rank well in search engines it will be for keywords which truly represent your website and the people coming you will not be marketing to, but rather these people are seeking you out. That is why I have devoted my time during internet marketing for search engines rather than social marketing and recommend you do the same. First and foremost if you want to rank in search engines it will be necessary for you to have a web presence that you can optimize.

Building a presence may seem scary to those who have no experience in web development, but it is actually quite easy with such resources as blogger.com, wordpress.com, and typepad.com. These different resources use quality content management systems meaning there is no need for you to learn any web development language such as HTML, PHP, or XML just to name a few. You can create the blog, but during creation you should have a clear idea of what niche you would like to join. One important step during the creation of your blog will be going to Google Adwords Keyword Tool which you can find by doing a quick Google search and inputting the keyword you think represents your niche. This tool will bring up the terms monthly traffic and give you 99 other related terms with their monthly traffic. From this list you should be able to find the best keywords in your niche.

Once you have the keywords you would like to rank well in Google for there are two things you will need to do. The first thing is called on site optimization and consists of adding the term to your URL, Title, and Description. You should also have the term within your content as long as it does not affect the readability of your website or blog. The second step consists of going to external websites away from your web presence and link building. This means you will need to have the URL of your website on other websites. It may sound complicated, but it is actually quite easy especially when you know exactly where to go to get links. The first place I usually go after the creation of a website is directorycritic.com where you will find thousands of free general directories great for link building. After you have submitted to all these resource move onto article directories and submit articles you write making sure to place links back to your website in the authors resource. You can find a list of article directories by going to Google and typing in “list of article directories”.

Diversify Your Keywords During SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most difficult parts of being a webmaster. There are some out there who have the income to purchase traffic, but for the rest of us we must rely on SEO for search engine ranking and social marketing. First the only time you need to optimize a website and build links is if you are planning to earn money online free from your website. For those out there who are recreational webmasters that create web pages and site just for fun the work will probably not interest you nearly as much as those who are in desperate need for free internet marketing.

SEO actually starts before you begin creating a website or blog. You should know exactly what keywords you are planning to rank well for and the amount of links and marketing you will need for first page ranking. The best way to pick keywords is going to Google Adwords Keyword Tool which you can find by doing a quick search. Next enter the keywords you think people would type into Google to find your website. This tool will bring up the keywords you enter and 99 related keywords with the monthly search volume. When this list comes up you should go through and pick around ten keywords that have a decent amount of traffic (over a thousand monthly searches) and are related to your topic.

Now you have the list of keywords it is time to construct your website or blog. If you need some free space go to wordpress.com, typepad.com, or 000webhost.com. All of these resources will allow you to create a free web presence which you can optimize in the search engines and start making money. The keyword implementation is key. You will need to place keywords in your URL, title, description, headings, and content. This is one reason you should have multiple keywords so you can use all ten of them throughout your blog or website. Do not repeat the same keyword over and over if you are trying to rank well for the term “make money online” then use make money online, but rather than repeating it you can use spin offs such as “earn money online” or “make money free”.

After the construction of your website or blog the next part of seo will be link building. This is where diversifying your keywords is crucial. If you only build links towards one keyword Google and the other major search engines will quickly see this and drop you low in the SERPs or ban you. There are many resources out on the web that will allow you to create keyword anchored text links. One of the best includes directorycritic.com. Once you have submitted to the directories on this site you can move onto freetrafficsystem.com and article directories.

Your traffic will increase the more you work on link building and content creation. If you would like to monetize that traffic you should check out this paid to read email website.

Search engine optimization is one of the most difficult parts of running an online business. If you are successful then getting traffic to your website is not an issue. The problem is ranking well in Google is extremely difficult especially for keywords that have massive amounts of traffic. When learning search engine optimization you will need to know about on site SEO and off site SEO. Off site SEO is link building with keywords between the anchor tags. One of the best places you can build keyword optimized links is article directories. To understand the true value of article directories it is important to understand their place in internet marketing. Article marketing has an instant pay off as well as a residual pay off. When you submit content to an article directory and it is published you will begin receiving website traffic directly from the article directory. You will also receive backlinks from the article directory directly.

When attempting to market articles you will need to get the articles published. This means you need to write well enough to pass the review. This is when an editor reads you article and determines if the quality is up to the article directory standards. You will find tough reviewers when submitting to the top article directories such as ezinearticles.com and buzzle.com. If you are having trouble getting articles published on these directories you may want to consider submitting to newer article directories. These directories are actually in need of content so they are much more lenient when reviewing articles. The only problem with submitting to these article directories is the chance of gaining high quality backlinks or getting your article republished is much less likely compared with the top article directories.

To see the full help that article directories and article marketing can provide to your search engine optimization campaign you must learn some HTML. A link to your website or blog is helpful, but will not help you rank for a certain keyword or term unless you place that term between the anchor tags. If you do not know how to do this and would like to learn visit w3schools.com and take the link tutorial. Another useful SEO trick with article marketing is making sure that you are writing on topic with your website. If your website is about online business then you need to focus your article writing efforts on online business topics. You can spread out the topics to things such as internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online, but you do not want to go to far off and write on topics that have nothing to do with online business at all. The final trick to article marketing if you want to become a professional it is mandatory you get all the practice you possibly can.

Finding The Right SEO Keywords

Webmasters and online business professionals want to rank their presence well in Google and the other major search engines for the terms that they would like to rank well for. The problem is nobody knows exactly how the major search engines decide to rank websites. What will usually happen is the webmasters will place a few terms on their site and build links for a select list of keywords. In most instances this will help rank the site bringing in decent website traffic. Now what the webmasters sometimes miss is what Google and the other major search engines are actually thinking about their website. Once external links begin pointing towards your website giving it more authority in the search engines your site will begin rising. To take full advantage of this you need to know all the terms your website beginning to rank higher for. You should also know the monthly search volume for these keywords to see how much effort you should use to optimize for these keywords.

Google webmaster tools is one of the most useful search engine optimization tools on the web to date. This tool will show you exactly what Google thinks about your web presence. If you have not already signed up for webmaster tools be sure to do so. You can find it in your Google account settings or by searching Google for it. For those who are unable to index their website in the major search engines this tool will look through your site and let you know the crawler permissions that have been set up. Sometimes when setting up a site the hosting company will place these permissions to no crawl making it impossible for the search engine spiders to even look at your site. One of the best SEO tools on Google webmaster tools is the search queries. This is where you find out exactly what you are ranking well for and what you should be optimizing and link building for. First look at the list of terms you are ranking for and the average position of your website. If it is sitting on page two or three then very little optimization and link building will be needed to raise your site to position one.

You should also be using this tool with the Google adwords keyword tool which you can find by doing a quick Google search. The adwords tool will allow you to find out exactly how much monthly volume any given keyword has letting you know if it has enough volume to help you make money. If you only have a few keywords in the list of search queries then you should build more links for wanted terms which will help your website rise for many different terms. You will notice Google ranking your website within the top few pages for terms that have a decent amount of traffic. Usually terms that are at the very least equal to your original terms which you optimized your site for. These terms you need to focus on when internet marketing.

Importance Of SEO

There are tons of resources across the web which will allow you to create a presence with very little skill. Some of the top resources include wordpress.com, squidoo.com, and hubpages.com. Millions of people flock to these websites thinking they will be given the ability to earn money online. The problem with this jump of content creation online the search engines are quickly filling up which means only the advanced SEO experts are able to rank well for major to moderate keyterms. The truth is every single term with traffic has at least one person who is monetizing directly for that term. If you move to a term which has thousands then you can expect a massive jump in competition. To become an expert of search engine optimization with the ability to rank your online business in the first spot of Google and other major search engines for competitive keyterms you will need to be willing to spend years working online learning everything you can about the way search engines work.

The reason so many webmasters and blogger focus on search engine optimization when running an online business is it has the majority of free web traffic on the web. Millions and millions of people go to Google searching for specific websites and if you rank well then you can take all the traffic that is searching for the term. Before you can even think about ranking well for a term you will need to know the terms you would like your website or blog to rank well for. This is a crucial step when learning SEO and the best tip I can give you is not picking overly competitive keywords. One good example is trying to rank for the term “make money online” which is the leading term within the make money online niche. If you know nothing about SEO then don’t start learning with a term that has thousands of expert SEO artists such as “make money online”.

If you would like to find the amount of traffic that any given term has check out this tool adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. All you need to do is type in a term and search the tool will bring up the monthly amount of traffic and 99 related terms with their corresponding traffic. Choose some quality keywords making sure they have enough traffic to meet your online income goals. Usually you can consider 1,000 hits worth 100 dollars. This means on average you should be getting one dollar for ten visitors as long as the visitors are highly targeted. This is only my experience and yours may be dramatically different. Once you have some keywords selected the next step is placing the keywords on your website or blog. You should then start building links using directories, article directories, guest posting on blogs, blog commenting, forum posting, and press releases.