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Explaining the Article Twin (article marketing automation) rating system.

It took a while to finally learn how exactly the Article Twin rating system works, but I think did it. You know now, that you can rate each article that you receive from copywriters, but rating has an influence on several characteristics, so using it should be quite thoughtful.

When you rate fresh content (an article), you both provide a characteristics to its author (Preferred, Neutral or Blacklisted) and influence his maximum price level for 1K of the symbols he creates, meaning that the more clients prefer one particular copywriter (well, you can not really see which one exactly, as in a try to evenly spread the chance to get some work, Article Twin does not show copywriters’ details, just their prices.), the more he would be able to charge for his future work. Neutral status simply leaves all characteristics unchanged and is reasonable to use not only when you are not sure, which category to put this particular Author to, but when working with “Preferred” copywriters. In this way you would not unnecessarily increase their upper margin of their service price.

Copywriters, on the other hand, may apply a personal discount to their maximum price per 1K of symbols to attract clients, so there should be no worries about hyper-preferring copywriters. Very expensive copywriters simply would not get enough clients. So, for example, if the maximum price that some author may get per 1K of symbols is $9, he can voluntarily apply a discount of up to 99%, so that he could get into a cheaper pricing category, to get more exposure to the clients that, actually, search copywriters based on their price per 1K of symbols value, for their particular article marketing budget.

Blacklisting permanently bounces an article author from any of the lists to the General list (with unrated authors), where he gain, has an equal chance with other yet unrated authors to possibly be chosen by you again (if you would include an option for to receive articles from all copywriters).

My approach to working with Article Twin more effectively is quite simple – I use only one category of the copywriters within one price range per order. First, I choose “Articles from all copywriters”, for the price range of $0.05 – $ 0.50 for 20-30 article variants. Then, I rate the received articles, short listing the ones I like by choosing Prefer rating. Accordingly, I check “Neutral” if the article is more or less acceptable and blacklist completely unacceptable ones.

I shall carry on doing so for 5-10 other article orders, to create a bigger list of “Preferred” copywriters. Then, I switch to “Articles from my preferred copywriters only” filter, and use an increased price range, $0.50 – $1.00. This would mean, that those authors that I have in my “Preferred” list may have their price increased due to the preferences, chosen by the other SEO clients, which ensures such authors quality and professionalism in writing.

Next steps are just shifting the price range to the level that that you find acceptable in terms of your budget, thus, short listing the “crème de la crème”, so that in the end you would have a list of the most reliable and high quality content writers. Of course, they would not be the only top quality writers available through the system, so if you need more or them or just cheaper ones, you may always go for the same routine again and again to either add more copywriters to your “top 20” or just choose a different pricing level, to explore new cost / quality opportunities. Good luck with your article marketing automation at ArticleTwin.com!

Focus Time On Search Engine Placement

There is several ways you can drive traffic to a website or blog and the most targeted is by far organic traffic (traffic that comes in from search engines). If you want to learn how to make money online then it is important to begin learning SEO (search engine optimization) which is the process of ranking your website well in the search engines for your chosen keywords. Before you begin ranking well in the search engines you must have content that would actually help your audience. Do not try to rank a spam filled website in the search engines because without content your web presence will fail. One of the best types of web presences for SEO is a blog. As you write new blog posts the titles will automatically start ranking well and each new post will give a backlink back to your main index. After the creation of your content is important to start building backlinks to your web presence from the numerous sources online. Make sure when building backlinks to place the keywords you want to rank well for between the anchor tags.

When you want to rank a website or blog well within Google or other major search engines you should start with a keyword that has minimum competition. You should be able to reach the top of Google within a couple months and after you do start trying to rank your web presence for more competitive terms. Once you have your web presence up for a couple years you should start going after the highest searched key terms in your niche no matter what the competition. The reason you should wait a while is Google and the other major search engines rank older websites higher than the newer websites. If you build links over a period of time your website will grow in authority as well so when you start building links for a certain term you will have much less of a hassle. Do not think that you will reach the top of Google for a competitive keyword or term unless your website has been up at least a year. It is ok to optimize some of your content for top keywords, but actually outranking the websites that have been around for years won’t happen for a while.

Now once you have the idea of what you want to rank well for it is time to start creating keyword targeted content and backlinks with keywords between the anchor tags. Both of these things are very important when trying to rank well within Google. First when you create content for your website place keywords somewhere in the title and a couple times throughout your content. Once you have the content up and running start building backlinks with the keyword you want to rank well for between the anchor tags. A couple great places you can start building links is freetrafficsystem.com and directorycritic.com.

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Forum marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your online business for little or no money down. Knowing how forum marketing work is your key to having a successful forum marketing strategy. It is more than having a great signature line that may drive a few people to your site though the potential for your forum advertising campaign is so much bigger.

Forums can certainly help you get your new product started. It also solves almost all the problems that are associated with launching of your new product. Do you think that it will solve all your marketing worries though? Well let’s take a look at some of the things that providing have to worry about.

1. Testimonials
Whenever you launch a new product, a lot of consumers want to see testimonials of others that have tried the product and loved it. This is especially true if you are promoting a pay per click program. People want prove that others make money doing this. If you offer no testimonials, you’ll make little or no money. So here is where the forums come into play. You’ll be able to post to a few of the members you have built a rapport with and have them if they would try your program. All they will have to do is write a reputable testimonial on how the product worked for them. There you go, and the testimonials are actually born. So that is problem number one that is solved with forum marketing.

2. Unsure if your product is any good?
Ask some individuals in the forum to try the item free of charge and give you an honest set of how well the product worked or whether it didn’t work at all. These people will likely point out any flaws which may be in the product. This gives the time to fix the flaws and launching the merchandise great idea huh? So as you can view forum marketing has now solved two of the main problems with launching something new. These are also just two of the transparent benefits to using forum marketing. You are discreetly promoting your product while at the same time earning your members trust.

3. Traffic
If you have a signature line, this may allow you some traffic although not a lot. In order to generate increased traffic to your site without spamming, reply to other posts. This will raise the amount of times your signature line appears and more likely than not a forum member will visit that link. This is a great way to generate a client base to your new product.

So as you can see forum marketing saves you numerous of time and hassle if you are trying to launch a new product.

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Who would think that I would need to acquire so much new knowledge in order to use my skills for web marketing portugal. In fact since having discovered so many different techniques and types of seo portugal has opened up to me as an Internet search engine marketer. Using the Free Traffic System I have realised that anything is possible.

You have a choice of the way you can use FTS, one of them costs nothing and is a fairly passive form of marketing through articles containing a couple of backlinks posted on up to 30 blogs.

Another much more aggressive way of climbing the serps mountain is to use their push strategy. The push strategy allows you to accumulate great numbers of backlinks far quickly than possible through the free system. It would certainly not seem natural in the same way to the search engines but where there is a need for a full blast back-link campaign and time is pressing then it works better than the normal system.

I still intend to use the free system or if I have signed up for the pro version then a month or two using the upgraded article marketing with more backlinks in more blogs. FTS still allows people to use their network of blogs free of charge if you wish and I will certainly do that for my own use to top up my existing backlinks when I have nothing else to do.

The free system still allows webmasters to enjoy the paid seo push but at a higher price than if you have paid to be pro. This is very fair as for instance if i wanted a double push of 5 articles, it would cost me 15 dollars extra on the free system. Not too much extra, but if I wanted a huge campaign of blog posts, blog comments and forum profiles then it would certainly pay me to go pro. The difference in the cost would cover my membership.

If I suddenly had 497 dollars, it would be money well spent to be permanently pro…this is the price of lifetime membership and access to all the best prices.

marketing in portugal is the same as anywhere else but the need for English seo guys is relatively small so I need to reach out to a bigger audience. It is one of the hardest things to do, but who knows? With the aid of my new knowledge and FTS, there is no limit to what I can accomplish with a little money invested in the right places.

Marketing for business.

It’s widely recognised that businesses are earning a fortune selling products and services online.

If you have a decent website because you want to jump on the bandwagon but you only get a tiny volume of visitors then all you are missing is a chance to promote the website using SEO.

It pays to do some serious keyword research before steaming ahead naturally, but it is really a case of what direction your business is heading rather than what the product or service is.

There are many things you could do to make the job easier, for example hire someone to do it work for you. Getting help with marketing means finding a search engine optimisation service and one who does small business seo is a good idea.

Any good seo company will keep you informed as you get to know the guy, even though at first it will seem strange, never forget you are working with someone who can market your website and bring you the rewards that you want.

The complete seo package is what you will get but the problem is how much will it cost.

When starting an seo project it takes some careful thinking. Before a proper quote can be given it is best to find out how hard it will be to rank for your chosen keywords.

The following considerations are all important parts of the pricing process. You are going to need to know all these things. The seo guy will want to know some of them too…

1: Where the business is located.
2: How much you want to charge for each product or service.
3: How much business will t take to break even after all your overheads.
4: Your marketing budget, also how much you might invest in other forms of advertising.
5: What many images you need and how many, how many categories you need.

When you know these things, you will need affordable search engine optimisation.
The following things will be done to complete your website…

1: Have a good content management website with a cross-browser compatible template.
2: Proper keyword research to determine the most appropriate for your marketing.
3: Make all the pages complete with images and text and ensure the navigation is simple to use.
4: Complete all on-page search engine optimisation.
5: Upload your website to be hosted on the web.
6: Submit your website to all the major search engines.
7: Start the backlink process to get your website high in the search results pages.

Once all this work is done, you will start seeing some results. Please be patient, this is not a quick fix. It can take several weeks for the backlinks to take effect.