Choosing Targeted Keyword Phrases

Small business owners looking to offer their products and services online using a website, are often confused about where to start. Before the site is built, it is best to do some keyword research in your particular market.

These are four points that I try to keep in mind when doing keyword research for a particular product or service. I must also mention that it is not always possible for phrases in certain markets to meet all the criteria. You have to be flexible while at the same time charting toward a particular goal.

Three Targets

I like to have the lead keyword phrase to be the domain name, as well as being the first phrase in the home page title tag. I use the other two phrases in the title tag if room allows, as well as for post titles, categories, and other page title tags.

Often you can start getting top local rankings for these lesser phrases first. It is also a good idea and see what phrases start showing up naturally, and make adjustments to play off this.

Three Word Phrases

I like to use long-tail keyword phrases consisting of three to five words that can be used in a sentence. Often these phrases are less competitive and allow a site to gain a toe-hold in the SERPs door.

Less Than 1,000,000 Listings

I try and keep under one million listings to start out if at all possible. This is sometimes easier to do in a local area, but not always. It all depends on your market.

More than 15 Daily Search

Using the Search Engine Optimization tools like Wordtracker tool, I like to have the daily search volume to be at least 15. I also check the phrase in the Google Keyword tool just to get a comparison. While there are many keyword research tools to use, Wordtracker and the Google Keyword tool are my primary tools.

Once I have my keyword phrases I know what to build my content around. After that it’s monitor and adjust. It’s like sailing a ship through the cyber seas!

Again, finding phrases that meet all these criteria is not always possible. It’s more a general guide that I try to use.

After some time you will also notice what phrases people are already finding your site in search. You can build off of these terms as well, and you should also have your site hooked up to Google Analytics so you can see what is actually going on. Never drive blind through cyber-space!

With the data from GA you can then make adjustments as necessary to achieve the goals that you have set for your business website. You may decide to choose other keywords with the new information, thus giving even more opportunity to drive traffic to your website.

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