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Google is one of the most frustrating forces in the webmaster world. It is the one who brings you riches in the form of large traffic numbers and can destroy a successful website with a small change to their algorithm. There are some stable forms of marketing which Google finds acceptable, and they have been ok for quite some time. The sand box simply put is Google’s “waiting period” for new websites/domains. Since the majority of websites, blogs, and other presences usually fail within the first couple months Google waits before they give the presence a placement within the SERPs. This is not something to fear or try and get around, but a proof that you are willing to stick around and make being a webmaster or blogger work. Usually the waiting period is 1-2 months, but my first sites were in the so called sand box 4-5 months. Now there are a couple of ways to tell if you are in the sand box.

First is the stability of your website within the SERPs of Google. If you are bouncing from position 3 to 800 you are in the sand box. This is when Google is trying to figure out how authoritative your website or blog is and this time period is a fantastic time to build links. If you are not listed in the serps at all then you are probably in the sand box or banned. To check if your banned type into Google if you don’t show up then you are probably banned. This of course is only if you were in the index to start with. Google will not take websites out of their index for no good reason. If your website is a month old you are in the sand box. Google’s sand box is for new websites so if you have a new website don’t expect stable SERPs position.

When you are in the sand box there are some productive things to do so when your site is lifted you will have good SERPs position. First off you should be building a couple hundred links daily from many different sources. If your new to the online world joining sites such as free traffic system and v7n forums is a must. These are the basic tools for webmasters to get to the top of Google once the sand box affect is lifted. When you are waiting for the sand box to be lifted work on your network. You do this in websites such as,, and other social networking sites. If you can build up a few thousand friends and/or followers you will definitely be ahead of the curve once you are out of the sand box. So rather than try and avoid the sand box stay productive so once you are out your website will be in the top 10 and you have a good social following.

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