All webmasters including myself want to rank well in Google for keywords which bring a lot of traffic and give us the ability to earn money online. If you want to rank well in Google then remember there is no exact guide since Google is constantly changing their algorithm, but if you stick with a few whitehat webmaster ideals ranking well in Google will become more likely and much easier. The first way to rank well in Google is to work on your website making sure that it is updated regularly with content that is optimized with certain key terms. The next step is to step away from your website into the web and begin attracting attention. You can do this in the forum of social submissions, directory submissions, and link exchanges. After the completion of these two time is usually a big factor of where your website will rank.

On-site SEO is one of the most complicated webmaster techniques. For beginners they will usually end up hurting their website position by overdoing keywords or not filling out the metas. If you want your website to do well then you will need to put the keywords you want to rank well for within the content and titles, but if you repeat the keywords over and over then google will suspect you cheating and drop you deep within the SERPs. Usually a few instances of the keywords will be enough to rank your website well for any given keyterm. Meta tags are what search engines read and display within their results. Make sure to fill out the meta tags for each and every page on your website. This will allow visitors to land not only on your index, but all pages within your website. This opens the door to rank well for many more key terms.

The second key factor for ranking well in Google is stepping away from your website and doing promotion across the web. There are literally thousands of websites which will allow you to add links. When building links it is important to focus on two things. The first is how important is the page you are getting the link from. A page with PR 9 is worth 1000 links from pages with PR 1. This is why websites can rank very well with few links. The next thing to think about when building links is the number. Remember webmasters have been marketing their websites for quite a while so if you want to rank well then you must be willing to market your website for an equal amount of time.

The third factor and one that you really have no control over is time. Now there are thousands upon thousands of websites and blogs started daily. The majority will not last a year and Google really does not like displaying websites that have died. So usually within the first 6 months to a year Google will be expecting your website to fail. They will not usually give a new website very good rank. The best way to avoid this sand box affect is to create multiple websites so when you want a website to have more time you can forget about it and work on one of your other websites for a few months. I have found it will usually take around 1 year before a website breaks away completely from the Google sandbox though I have seen good results within the serps within two months.

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