Google can be one of the most frustrating and exciting factors of internet marketing. When you are on top of your niche then the traffic flows as well as the money. For bloggers this is a great thing because more targeted traffic also equals more readers. For webmasters who build static websites usually Google is the most important factor for their online income so not understanding Google and the way they index and rank websites means they are pretty much shooting in the dark. First I have to admit that I do not know exactly what ranks websites well in Google I have personally ranked my website paid to read email pretty well for some key terms and think I have a good understanding of what Google looks for when indexing and ranking a website.

The first thing you must understand about Google is they have traffic and their goal is to help the searchers not the webmasters. This is something which is quite difficult to grasp because if you please Google searchers then Google will like you, but if you are only out to please Google they will more than likely drop you. Build your website for visitors rather than search engines. This will help you create a website that no longer needs Google. If visitors come to your website and are satisfied they will share it with friends and family. If you are lucky and some of your traffic is webmasters and bloggers they will begin posting links to your website and sending you their traffic. Google will quickly become less and less of an issue if you create your website for people rather than search engines.

After the creation of your website making sure to build for visitors rather than search engines you can take steps to promote your website and while doing so rank better for specific key terms. One important point I would like to make is if you want to learn about SEO visit This tutorial is one of the ones I used to learn SEO and is great for a start. Once you have a basic understanding of SEO the next step is to begin building keyword anchored backlinks from other websites. Most webmasters think this is one of the hardest parts of being successful online, but if you know where to go to get links it is only a matter of putting in the time and effort.

My favorite place to build links when I open the doors on a brand new website is They have literally thousands of free general directories that you can submit your website to. Make sure when submitting your website you put different keywords in the title box. Whatever words are linked to your site are the words you will rank well for. Another great way to find backlinks is to search Google. You can search for lists of social bookmarking websites, press release websites, article directories, and anything else. The last piece of advice I want to give those who are just starting out on their internet marketing journey is to make sure and join a good webmaster forum. The one I started out with and still participate on is

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