Many people make the everyday mistake of presuming that their website is SEO friendly and that everything is fine when infact they have numerous issues that are causing their rankings to suffer that range from severe problems such as javascript navigation, invalid urls or a case insensitive server which is having the effect of creating a potentially horrendous canonicalisation issue.

Even duplicate content is commonplace on freshly created websites, this is because when clients commission a site, many web design customers are not brought up to speed on the fact that they will need to provide the content for the site, so when the designer gets to the stage or adding content, and contacts the client to find out they have nothing prepared, the designer will generally just “borrow” bits and pieces form a variety of other sites on the same subject and perhaps change one or two words here and there. Although this may suffice for the legal purposes of avoiding direct plagiarism charges being brought, it is still enormously bad for your rankings, search engines can detect duplication of strings or a few words, let alone entire paragraphs with the odd word changed, duplicate content is of little value to search engines and therefore will not rank highly regardless of how many links you build.

I have seen many websites that have been sold as “SEO Optimised” when in actual fact they are nothing of the sort, even sites with javascript navigation that search engines cannot spider have been known to be marketed under this SEO Friendly umbrella. Although there are a small number of web designers who generally are quite good at SEO, the sad fact is that most are terrible, despite this fact, many of them openly promote their sites as being “optimised”. Maybe the easiest checks to do regarding determining if your web designer even had the smallest incling about SEO Services, is to check that your home page link on your site points to the domains root and not to index.html or another page. Next check that the non www. version of your web domain is configured to redirect visitors back to the www. version, to do this just go to the page in your browser and take away the preceding www. and then hit enter. If they have missed out on the simple basics such as this, then I would really recommend you look further into the posibility that you have been somewhat mislead, hire a competant SEO Services provider to carry out a full SEO Audit and get the underlying problems fixed before you waste any more money on linkbuilding. SEO Auditing is not really that high-priced, and if you are paying to have links built to your site, but seeing little return in the way of movement of your rankings, the this is a good indication that a deeper problem exists.