Whether to do submission manually or by means of article applicant, bases do not vary. Before submitting an article to the site, it is necessary to be registered. This procedure, as a rule, means filling out the form and receiving the acknowledgement sent by e-mail. Press this acknowledgement, and you are the registered user. You enter the submission site under the ID and the password. Then enter a Pen Name.

Submitting manually makes the job done, but it is tiresomely and takes away a lot of time. An article applicant accelerates data input. Why is it important? It is considered to be that for maintenance successful articles, one should submit 2 – 3 articles to a week of hundreds article sites. Doing it manually is simply impossible. Look at statistics of the author on any site, and you will see that successful authors have presented hundreds, even thousand articles. They do impressing monthly incomes.

There are a lot of article applicant software in the market, for example, Article Submitter, Article Submitter Gold, My Article Pro, My Article Submitter, and Article Money. They differ on function, simplicity of use and cost. The majority of them suggests to download free of charge for trial use. Why do they propose free download? Thus, you may see advantages of the program when using manually. For instance, in my case, I downloaded a free trial version and used in order to submit article to a few sites. The trial software has come with a database about 80 article sites, but I have immediately ordered to the full version of a database more than 600 sites. Now I have the tool for quickly submitting of articles, complete with the list of sites which will be constantly updated. I can use this free time for writing new articles.

Article submitter should not be a type of the robot spam program. This kind of submission is not approved, inconveniences to present sites, and you can get you forbidden from the best article sites.

What should a good article applicant do for you? It should allow you through the submit process step by step as usually, simply to make it easier and faster to make submission. Logging on to a site for the first time, needs some steps if manual or with use article applicant. It is necessary to enter a login and the password, and choose a Pen Name. Let’s go step by step and see where article applicant saves time.

If you do not use article submitter, you can spend more than you do. Quality of articles quickly presented to hundreds submission sites is a key to success. There is a way to achieve it. So, it is necessary to have an Article Submitter.

Currently world crisis has resulted in loss of jobs by many people. More and more of them refer to Internet as the way to earn money. And this is a really unique chance to make one’s living. If you have no business idea or you search for something to start from, try article distribution.

If you are good at article writing, it can change into your regular job. Luckily the web technologies offer many possibilities to earn. Use Google and other search engines to search for “article submission“. You will find many sites accepting and even paying for article submission.

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